El Dorado Adventist® School

Go. Change the World!

Student Learning Outcomes

FAITHFUL STUDENTS develop themselves for the everyday world of stewardship, employment, career and personal management.

  • develop critical thinking and leadership skills
  • learn the joy of service
  • develop employability enhancing skills
  • improve management, of time, resources and finances
  • incorporate biblical principles

SPIRITUAL STUDENTS develop a relationship with Jesus, an understanding of God’s word, His purpose for their life, and involvement in His mission.

  • accept Jesus into their hearts and develop a personal relationship with Him
  • adopt a Christ-like character
  • develop biblically-based Christian beliefs and principles
  • participate in the spreading of the gospel around the world
  • actively participate in their local church
  • develop lifestyle and cultural choices based on biblical principles

TALENTED STUDENTS develop physical, mental and artistic talents to their full potential to be used for the Glory of God.

  • discover my God-given talents
  • incorporate lifestyle principles that promote health
  • apply Christian principles in recreation and sports
  • develop an inquisitive attitude and a focus on pursuing higher learning
  • develop study habits, information management skills, and learning strategies
  • develop fine arts skills through practice, performance and presentation

COMPASSIONATE STUDENTS are empowered by God’s spirit to be accountable for their actions, responsible to their neighbors’ well-being, and to care for those in need. 

  • exhibit morality and maturity in my relationships with peers and authority figures in every situation
  • assume a role of civic responsibility at home, school, church and in the community
  • utilize their talents to serve others