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Campus Life

Throughout the year our students get the opportunity to experience a variety of activities related to their coursework. This may be in the form of music programs, science trips, or sports activities. There are also more faith-based activities such as week of prayer and service projects in order to strengthen our students' connection with God and their community. 



Elementary, students will have trips that vary by classroom but sometimes participate in activities together. There are a number of general field trips that vary from year to year including ice skating, visits to Apple Hill, and the zoo. When you send your child to El Dorado Adventist School they will be able to take part in a number of these.


Junior High

Junior High students also have activities that they get to be a part of. These include immersive science trips, Junior Varsity sports, and more service-based activities such as mission trips. Sports include girls volleyball in the fall and girls & boys basketball in winter.


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