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Higher Standard of learning

At El Dorado Adventist School our curriculum matches what is expected in public schools and beyond. We are held to the standards of not only the state but the Union Adventist standards as well. As a result, our students are taught to meet the highest standard of excellence in all areas — Math, Reading, Writing, Science, History, Technology, Physical Education, Music, and Art.


Outdoor Education

All students participate in outdoor education to develop skills that can be applied elsewhere in their education. These activities provide a strong sense of self confidence, independence, initiative, decision-making, and other useful skills. Getting students outdoors helps them experience the nature God provided for them.


Students will learn music theory through the playing of instruments such as the ukulele, bells, and chimes. Band and Choir are taught to the middle school grades. Performances are held throughout the year to showcase student progress.


Science classes have regular lab activities with hands-on opportunities to understand integral parts of the natural world. Safety in these labs is highly stressed and followed for all grade levels. Teachers help students understand the wonderful connection between God and science.


Daily physical exercise is required for all students and teachers. Our bodies were made to move. Not only is there a physical benefit, but also a mental and social benefit to participating in a regular exercise program. Our extracurricular program includes cross country running, volleyball, soccer, and basketball.

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